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Beeswax candles when burnt purify the air by releasing negative ions which stick to positive ions like dust mites and allergens. This makes the ions heavy and drops them to the ground, purifying the air around it. Beeswax candles have a delicious natural honey scent. 

Tip: Snip wick before relighting
-  Did you know that regular candles made with soy or paraffin are extremely toxic for us and the environment?
-  Did you know that candles made with beeswax are air purifiers?
-  Did you know that all churches in the world use candles made from beeswax exclusively?
-  Did you know that a bee has to travel 150,000 miles to collect 1 pound of wax?

About wood wick: 

Wood wick have very little smoke and a lovely crackling sound. These candles have a longer burn time than cotton wick candles. 

No expiration
Made in Karachi

Burn time 72 to 82 hours aprox.

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